Monday, 23 February 2009

Double Inmemenity

Firstly, apologies for the awful pun. But as it suggests, I'm going to use two different memes today, largely because the first is one is what I kinda intended to write anyway. That is Monday Peeves - - where today's topic is "Free-for-All: Consider this like an open mic session of Monday Peeves. Take this chance to rant about something, anything, that has bugged you lately, and then leave a link to your rant."

Before I even saw this, I was about to come on here and write about the fact that lately, I seem to be getting pissed off at pretty much everything. What triggered it today was a car zooming straight over the zebra crossing that I was standing at waiting to cross. At the moment I realised he wasn't stopping, I had an urge just to step out in front of him anyway, just to be like "Fuck you, you shoulda stopped, enjoy prison." Or, if I was quick enough, to pick up a rock and throw it the back windscreen. All in all though, I doubt either course of action would have been worth the consequences.

But like I said, a lot of things and people are annoying me these days. My iPod has been set to play only Rage Against The Machine since Thursday. High up on my list are the twat who shares my kitchen and seems to always be using it at the exact time I want to, whether it's an early dinner at 6 or a late dinner at 11. And his frequently visiting girlfriend, whose inability to leave said kitchen in a state fit for human beings is the only thing in life that's ever tempted me to leave someone a passive-aggressive note. Also, the course organisers who seem to have decided that the best plan of action for destroying my mental health is to give me 3 essays to do in 3 days, every week. I think this rage may be largely to do with being separated from most of the people who actually made my life fun for the last 3 years. Still, that should be rectified in a few months. Hopefully then I'll turn back into the calm, laid-back guy whose friends have at times in the past tried very hard to get him to display signs of anger just because they literally could not imagine it happening.

And so, with those memories of better and very recent times, I turn to the second meme, Monday's a Bitch: because their topic today (edit: just realised it's actually from 2 months ago, don't care, I like it) is the kind of thing I could easily and happily spend hours thinking about:

The Movie of Your Life in 2008

1. What would be the title?
2. What would be the tag line?
3. Who would be the main characters? Who would you cast to play them?
4. What would be the climax in the story?
5. What song would play for the closing credits?

1. F.I.N.A.L.S. (based on a popular acronym)
2. It's all about the cotch.
3. Myself and 10 or so of my closest friends. I would be played by Michael Cera with some sort of RDJ-in-Tropic Thunder-style pigment alteration. I don't think I have the time to think up the perfect actors for all my friends, but if I were to find actors from my favourite TV shows whose characters come closest, they would be Donald Faison, David Schwimmer, Nicolas Brendon, Allison Mack, Tina Fey, Jenna Fischer, Lisa Kudrow, Erik Per Sullivan, Neil Patrick Harris, Johnny Galecki, and maybe a female Dylan Moran. All of them reverse-engineered (or in one case, forward-engineered) to the age of 20.
4. Graduation.
5. Feeder - Just A Day followed by Nelly - Ride Wit Me

And that's me done for now. I don't think I'm gonna make every post from now on a meme, I just happened to really like two of today's.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, sharing kitchens is the worst. I just had a flashback to my college days when roommates would come in and try to cook around me rather than wait 10 minutes, or refuse to clean up afterwards, or insist on banging pots and pans at 3am. So grateful to have my own space now. Thanks for playing Monday Peeves!