Saturday, 21 February 2009

First Post Down

Welcome to the Pleasuredome. I don’t actually remember what that is, but I wanted to say “Welcome to the [something]” and ‘Pleasuredome’ was the first thing my subconscious had to suggest. So to begin with, Spyke is not my real name. This should be obvious, as Spyke is not anyone’s real name. It’s a nickname, albeit one I came up with myself that was roundly dismissed by all my friends. Why the secrecy? Firstly, this is the internet, and my paranoia tells me that even having a blog in the first place is probably the identity theft equivalent of walking down a dark alley with a large wad of cash sticking out of your ear. Secondly and (arguably) more importantly, my name is uncommon enough to basically make me a one-man Googlewhack. If any member of my family happened to Google me, they could find this and it might destroy their perception of me as a grunting, barely sentient post-teenager. We can't have that.

A little more to explain. I'm writing this blog as part of a New Year's resolution (my first serious one at the age of 21, and it's actually going spectacularly well) to write more stuff. I started out just writing facebook notes, but I think I was starting to piss off my friends. Now I can piss off the internet as a whole. It's called First Soldier Down because a friend and I have spent much of the last 2 years thinking up names for hypothetical bands, and this one is far and away my favourite. If you recognise where it's from, then I like you. If you don't, ah I'll forgive you, and encourage you to watch more Angel.

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